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Brief about Talk to save

Talk to Save Youth is a non-profit making Community-Based Organization (CBO) located in Nakuru, Nakuru town West Sub County, Kaptembwo ward. It was formed in 2020 and got registered in 2021 from a participatory and inclusive process that entailed evidence-based research, identification of gaps, challenges and needs in the County. Several channels of engaging the target beneficiaries to ensure ownership and buy-in were pursued including public barazas convened by the local administration. Under the leadership of Talk to Save Youth, Chief founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Ms. Magdalene Khaemba, information on effects of alcohol and drug abuse among the school going children and the youths in the community was shared and discussed.

Community leaders and elders responded positively and recommended pertinent issues that they felt the Talk to Save Youth and organization should focus on. Since its establishment, Talk to Save Youth has concentrated on areas where it has a niche and competitive advantage in Nakuru County. The CBO has prioritized prevention and mitigation of alcohol and drug abuse, gender sensitization, early pregnancy among teenage girls and increasing rate of HIV infections amongst the youth. The CBO also seeks to bring about positive change and transformation through sustainable environmental management interventions, and youth empowerment and employment through theater and creative arts.

The CBO is organized around the following four departments:-


We are registered members of World Federation Against Drugs. We are partners and work together with them in implementation of drug related programs. 

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