Rudisha Mtoto Home & Rehabilitation Project

We have initiated a program called RUDISHA MTOTO HOME meaning, Take the child back home. It’s purpose is to help us curb the alarming number of street children as young as 8 years old that is emerging everyday. According to our research, we have discovered that, these children come from a home, where there are both parents, single parent or a care giver, but due to unknown reasons, they enter the streets and begin to engage in risky behaviors such as Alcohol and drug abuse, Criminal activities, sexual abuse which results into Early pregnancy among teenage girls and many other . The organization¬† initiated a feeding program twice a week which help us reach them easily, talk and Counsel them, then allow them to open up about their specific backgrounds, thereafter we strategize and decide whether to take them back to their homes or to attach them to the children’s homes around.

The numbers of the street children is increasing every day and its becoming overwhelming for us to sustain the feeding program. We are considering setting up a childrens home where we can run effective rehabilitation programs for these children. This will require a big budget and so we are calling upon our well wishers who can help us realize this dream to contact us so that we can implement this project.