Teenage pregnancy in Nakuru county

Nakuru county has a population of more than 2.162 million people as per census carried out in 2019. Data shows that in 2021 alone, Nakuru had 11,469 girls aged 10-19 attending clinics for pregnant mothers. This means the girls are becoming mothers when they are  supposed to be in school, this is totally ‘unacceptable’ since Nakuru has a higher rate of teenage pregnancy than Kenya as a whole. Among 6 sub counties, Nakuru west is number, 5 with a total number of 931 cases of Teenage pregnancy.  This is a result of expansive slum area (Ronda and Kaptembwa wards). Many parents are unable to cater for their family’s needs due to Poverty, which make some children never attend schools and for those who are already in schools, drop out at the age of 10year enter the society where they start engaging into Risk behaviors such as early sex this consequently result into cases of teenage pregnancy.

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