Vision, Mission & Core Values

A drug free society

To empower and inspire communities to transform themselves through, awareness creation, advocacy and skills development

  1. Volunteerism; We believe in doing good unto others, to offer ourselves in making the lives of other people better, not out of abundance of our possession but through a self-driven desire to make the lives of the vulnerable meaningful and of dignity.
  2. Youth engagement; we value the participation and meaningful engagement of young people not only as beneficiaries but as catalysts of change ideas in communities.
  3. Innovations; we value creativity in solving complex issues that affects the social and economic well-being of communities that we serve.
  4. Excellence and Integrity; we proudly do what we have to do, in the best way possible and with great sense of pride and passion. We deliver the best from ourselves, in the most honest way possible.
  5. Inclusion and participation: We serve humanity irrespective of their race, religion, gender or political affiliations.
  6. Diversity – We recognize, respect and value the differences among us and believe that acknowledging and celebrating these differences lead to strengthened social capital.


  1. The CEO of Talk to Save Youth has been recognized for pragmatic leadership and in February 2022 was appointed to sit on the Management Boards of Koinange and Kaptambwo Primary Schools.
  2. Talk to Save Youth was selected by the County Government of Nakuru to participate in celebrations that marked award of a city charter to Nakuru by President Uhuru Kenyatta.
  3. We participated in Crime Si Poa Forum and presented a skit based on the theme of the day- which was ‘Prevention of Police Brutality’
  4. Talk to Save Youth Members were engaged by IEBC and Govjunction to support mobilization of voter’s registration in Nakuru west, Kaptembwo ward (targeting mainly the youth).
  5. Talk to Save Youth Members presented a skit coined as ‘Prevention of police brutality’ during Crime Si Poa Forum in January 2022.
  6. We actively participated in World Aids Day on 1st December, 2021 and we were lucky to present our own poem to the audience who attended on the theme “komesha mimba za utotoni”
  7. We participated on 16 days of activism under Orange the World
  8. In 2021/2022 conducted sensitization and awareness sessions in about 10 primary and secondary schools including Koinange primary school, heshima, kaptembwa, serere, and kibowen komen primary school on matters drugs and substance abuse and HIV prevention.
  9. Sensitized Edisa Women Group on matters gender-based violence.
  10. Every Saturday 2pm to 6pm we distribute food to the street families and the needy community members who comes at the venue.


  1. The CBO needs modern Information Technology, audio-visual equipment and Public Address system in order to be innovative and make more impact in our school facilitation and sensitization campaigns.
  2. Schools demand for knowledge products/ Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials with the information on drugs and substance abuse, life skills information and HIV and AIDS which we can’t provide due to lack of funds
  3. Lack of funds to convene capacity building and mentorship workshops in order to enhance facilitation skills among our members.
  4. Lack of budget for operational and administrative expenses.
  5. Limited working capital to expand our investments in theatre and creative arts which holds enormous potential in youth empowerment and employment creation.